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According to Wikipedia, there are over 500 bike share programs operating worldwide. Usually, you can pick up or drop off your borrowed bicycle at any station within the network you are using. NYC has its Citi Bike bicycle sharing program. You can purchase a 24 hour or a 7 day access pass, and off you go. NYC Bike Share features thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations around NYC. Citi Bikes are available 365 days a year. Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, a map of the surrounding neighborhood, and a docking system that releases bicycles for rental with a card or key. Pedal over to Central Park, enjoy a picnic on the Great Lawn, stop in at the Met, then return the bicycle just in time for evening cocktails and dinner.



Top Row:Danica Silk Tunic|TOMS University Slip-On, Red|Nantucket Bike Basket| Seraphina Top|White Callie Skinny Pants
Bottom Row:Saks Seraphina Top| Schwinn Bike| KEDS Sneakers Polka Dot

Or, bicycle around Paris with its over 17,000 bicycles to share, and over to Luxembourg Gardens for a romantic lunch. Shanghai has over 20,000 bikes to share, and Montreal and London have very popular bike share programs. Or, how about Munich with over 3000 bikes in its sharing program? Pick a warm summer day in Munich, and it is an easy ride over to the English Garden in the heart of the City. It is very beautiful with many monuments and interesting buildings, and is one of the world's largest urban parks, larger than even Central Park in NYC. There is a stream running through the English Garden crowded with sunbathers (some sans swimsuits) and swimmers.

Off the Beaten Path Suggestion-At the beginning of the stream that runs through the Park, there is a large wave produced by a water pumping machine. You can hang ten, and try to surf on this wave for as long as you can. Plenty of room on the lawn to sunbathe and dry off after your dunking!

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If you are really feeling inspired, may be time to buy your own bicycle! Love American made Shinola bicycles, as well as the classic cruisers from Schwinn, and Breezer Bikes' Downtown models. Put Toto in the basket, and off you go.

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