Chobe, Botswana Safari

Chobe Botswana Safari| Wearever

On June 22, 2014, the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world, in Botswana, was named the 1000th World Heritage Site. To quote UNESCO,

"This delta in northwest Botswana comprises permanent marshlands and seasonally flooded plains. It is one of the very few major interior delta systems that do not flow into a sea or ocean...The Okavango delta is home to some of the world's most endangered species of large mammal, such as the cheetah, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, African wild dog and lion."

Chobe South Africa Safari| Wearever

Chobe South Africa Safari| Wearever

And, this is going to be your home for the next few days! For the first day or two, book a room at the Chobe Game Lodge located in the Northeast in the Chobe National Park. The park is huge, covering more than 4200 square miles. The rooms at the Game Lodge overlook the Chobe River and Caprivi floodplains. You can plan to take advantage of twice daily game drives where, hopefully, you will encounter large herds of elephants and buffalo that meet on the river banks. Chobe is home to at some estimates, 100,000 elephants! A Be Inspired side trip if you have a couple extra days is to plan an excursion into the Kalahari Desert and the Kalahari Game Reserve. It is possible to book all types of safaris, for example, luxury river safaris on the Chobe River, elephant back safaris, horse safaris (remember, not for the faint of heart, 4-6 hours daily in the saddle), cycling safaris, or walking safaris. Buy a great camera before this trip! What would be your favorite animal to spot-impala? giraffe? zebra? water buffalo? baboon? Too hard to choose, but you might just see them all.

Chobe South Africa Safari| Wearever

Chobe South Africa Safari| Wearever

After a couple days in Chobe, move on to the Okavango Delta for a couple days. This is the highlight of Africa for many vacationers. It is like being in a dream with the wildlife and the big sky at night full of a million stars. The Delta is also known as "The river that never finds the sea." The Okavango River starts in Angola and runs for over 800 miles before spilling into the Delta. Remember, though, the summer even though it is the dry season, it is the season when the Delta floods, so some areas may be inaccessible. It is probably also necessary to hook up with a tour operator here to manage the logistics. It is a huge area, with many of the lodges getting booked a year in advance. It is also very difficult to drive in this massive area, so flying is the easiest way to get around and to cover the most territory. It is possible to see 4 of the 'big 5" animals in the Okavango Delta-lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo. The fifth, the rhino, was on the brink of extinction and has recently been reintroduced to the Delta. Fun fact- Indeed, the Botswana tourism website provides that there are 164 species of mammal, 400 of bird, 157 types of reptile, 84 species of fish and over 5,000 different insects living in the Delta.

Chobe South Africa Safari| Wearever

Chobe South Africa Safari| Wearever

Now, what to wear? Here are some outfit-inspirations for your safari adventure to get your packing jump started. Don't forget the bug spray and sunscreen.

Chobe South Africa Safari| Wearever

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Chobe South Africa Safari| Wearever

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