5 Home Remedies for Summer

Summer Essential Oils   | Wearever

Are you prepared for the perfect summer outdoor experience? With some novel essential oil applications, be prepared for the beach, hiking, yard work, gardening, picnicking, or the perfect game of badminton or bocce ball. Be inspired! Check-out these RECIPES shared with Wearever by a knowledgable Young Living Essential Oils Advisor~

1. A favorite BUG REPELLANT spray recipe is to add 25-30 drops of the following essential oils to a small spray bottle topped off with water-lavender, peppermint, purification, geranium, and eucalyptus radiata.

2. An easy HAND SANITIZER SPRAY-Fill a spray bottle with 8 drops of Thieves Oil. Add one dropper of Aloe Vera Gel. Add distilled water. Ready to spray away germs.

3. This is handy after a day at the beach for AFTER-SUN SKIN CARE-Add your favorite essential oil mixture to coconut oil placed in glass jar. Just remember not to use any citrus oils since they are photo-sensitive and not for use in the sun.

4. For a reliable JET LAG PREVENTION recipe apply 1 drop of essential oil of cedar wood to the rims of your ears and to the base of your skull. Cup your hands over your nose, inhaling the aroma deeply several times. Reapply frequently during the flight. This should rapidly oxygenate the cells of your brain, allowing you to arrive fresh and alert. Also try to use lavender oil before or after cedar wood. So relaxing, you might even sleep the flight away!

5. A topic no traveller wants to hear or learn about first-hand, BED BUGS-yuck yuck yuck. Bed Bug Spray-10 drops of Palo Santo oil, 6 drops of eucalyptus Blue, 5 drops of cedar wood oil. Combine this mix with 4 oz. distilled water in a dark glass spray bottle.

Summer Essential Oils  | Wearever

Above:Alice + Olivia Lace Dress| Eugenia Kim Straw Hat | Steven Alan Sandal| Karen Walker Tort Sunglasses | Essie White Nailpolish| Transparent Watermelon Shoulder Bag

Summer Fourth of July  | Wearever

Above: Mother of Pearl Highwaisted Shorts | Edun Crop Top | Hunter Boots | Hand Candy Headphones | Gucci Bamboo Shopper | JCrew Hat

After all that outdoor fun, here is a delicious and refreshing summer "mocktail" recipe to relax with~

Summer Essential Oils   | Wearever

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