Farmers Markets

If you have never been to Farmers Markets or Green Markets, this is the year to put them on your radar, and fit one into your regular weekly schedule after this long and cold winter. Farmers Markets typically offer the freshest in season fruits and vegetables as they become available at their peak, right from the field. No shipping, no handling, no cold storage. No artificial colors, no preservatives. Organically grown fruit and vegetables as they were meant to be eaten, at the peak of their freshness. Just delicious. Eat healthier by choosing local sustainable food, and support your local economy at the same time! Now, that's a bargain.

Farmers Markets | Wearever

By buying locally at Farmer's Markets, you are helping to support a local farm where the profit margins are thin and your dollars stay local. In addition, you are helping to cut down on the pollution and extra packaging that comes from shipping over long distances, and you will be able to experience a greater variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, cheeses, eggs, dairy, sweet, meats, than you would ever find at your local grocery, all raised or harvested without hormones or antibiotics.

Now, check out must-haves for the farmer's market.

Farmers Markets

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Farmers Markets

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