Holiday Travel Must Have- The BORSAbag

Borsa Bag Wearever

BORSAbagĀ® is the perfect, packable travel companion. Travel with just a carry-on and a BORSAbag secured to the luggage handle. After boarding the plane, remove the BORSAbag from the carry-on. Pull the large protective bag out of the small pouch, and turn the large bag inside out, putting the small pouch 'inside' and protected. Cover handbags and briefcases before placing on the floor; keep a novel, computer/iPad inside the BORSAbag for easy retrieval. When the flight is over, remove items, turn the large bag inside out, and stuff it back inside the small clean pouch. Secure it back to the carry-on. BORSAbag can easily be carried with items inside by using the shoulder straps.

Borsa Bag Wearever

While on travel, use the BORSAbag for anything and everything. Taking one last dip in pool or sea before catching a flight? Not to worry. Put the wet suit inside the BORSAbag and safely store inside the carry-on.

Borsa Bag Wearever

Get it wet and dirty; store it clean and dry. At night, if needed, wash it and hang it up to dry.

Borsa Bag Wearever

BORSAbag, a self-storing BAG-in-a-bag, highly water resistant, made of ripstop nylon, and weighs 3 oz. Made in the U.S.A.

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