A Chic Week in London

Let the week begin!

It’s overcast, but why be depressed when you can still look great. So, don’t spend the day in bed, there is plenty to do in London even if it is “spitting.”

Let’s start the day at the East London Design Show, and shop for great designer and one of kind finds. After all, it is the season for giving. These pieces transition from day to night for a casual evening Masters Tennis at Royal Albert Hall or dinner at a classic English pub.

Humpday in London

New show opening this week, and what better way to make it through the long, dreary week. Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Stephen Ward opens at the Aldrych. Or, you can go low brow, there is always Ted Burgandy, Anchorman: The Legend Continues. That gets my vote!

Friday Funtivities

Are you up for ice skating at the iconic Tower of London? Ice skate on the 1000 year old moat, day or night under the lights, and enjoy the incomparable scenery. Or, for some super glamorous skating, try the outdoor rink at the spectacular Somerset House.

Then, after a spot of tea, I am sure you can manage some holiday shopping on Regent Street or Oxford Street, both adorned with unbelievable Christmas light displays. What to wear to transition from day to night, warm and chic-

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