Traveling with Kids

What could be better than introducing your children to the art of travel? That's right, leaving them at home. LOL. Yet, from experience, there is nothing better than a family's collective memories of fabulous summers at the Jersey shore, or taking a sea plane near Tofino, Vancouver Island to whale watch and soak in the hot springs, or taking in a performance at The Sydney Opera House.

Nevertheless, the common thread with all these experiences, no matter how simple or how far-flung, is that they take preparation, perspiration, and, yes pack your patience. As much as you can read about a place, there is something about being there, tasting the food, walking the streets, that will broaden and enhance any child's view and knowledge and be special bond for your family. Once you start taking your children on the road, you will never look back and either will they.

Traveling with Kids Wearever

So, get ready to travel. Whatever your destination, there is surely a children's book to set the tone. One travel favorite, for example if visiting Paris, is "A Walk in Paris" by Salvatore Rubbino where a young girl and her grandfather spend a day exploring the sites of Paris. Or, for a visit to upstate New York, how about "The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal" by Cheryl Harness. It's a great read about a historical engineering feat b/f the visit and walk along the canal. DK Publishing also has an impressive series of children's travel related books.

Be Inspired Travel Tip-In addition to lining up the passports for the children, you can apply for Global Entry for the entire family, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Boy, does it save a ton of time at customs in the U.S. when the trip is over, when everyone is tired and just wants to get back home.

Traveling with Kids Wearever

Last Be Inspired Tip-Each child is totally responsible for one back pack and one wheelie with all their items for the entire trip. Pack light. No giant suitcases, broken backs, luggage carts, multiple taxis because not enough trunk space.

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